Dear Friends,

We've never thought that the UptoFaith flashmob would get so many reactions and enquiries. This is a blessing for us and we are convinced the final international video will be a blessing to people all over the world. Thank you for being active on our social media and participating in this worldwide movement!

We have completed the Budapest flashmob last Wednesday (24th May). Here is the video:

And here are some videos of the international posts we have received so far (this is just a selection of the great videos that you have sent):

We've been featured all over the news ever since:

Again what matters is your creativity and ideas creating a great flashmob. Try to do it outside and focus on displaying the FAMILY sign as creatively as you can.

There's still chance for you to participate!
Since we are receiving still lots of responses, we decided to extend the deadline until June 30th. Just make a 10-15 second video creatively displaying the FAMILY sign. If you have more time, you can do the choreography as well if you want. A few tips for making the video:

1. Please have the FAMILY sign shown on the video entirely and clearly.
2. If possible the uniqueness of your country/city could have an emphasis (or even it could be the background), so the final international version will be very diverse at the end.
3. Be as creative as possible! e.g. livechain forming, the sea washes away the FAMILY sign in the sand, T-shirt painting, boards showing, if you have snow you could do a display in there, GPS virtual display, car blockade, hedge trimming, lanterns in the dark, chalk drawing on concrete, etc. You can alter the original choreography, and you can use your imagination and creativity.
4. If you have the opportunity to make it outdoors, it's much more spectacular.
5. You don't have to make your flashmob as big as the Budapest one, the FAMILY sign is already enough to get into the movement.

We hope you are enjoying your time making this as much as we do!

Kind regards
UptoFaith team


Our movement is available also:
A felhívásunk a következő nyelveken is elérhető:

Do you have a few minutes? Is FAMILY important for you?

Join us in the UptoFaith global flashmob for FAMILIES! Make a FAMILY sign with your friends (creativity counts! – paint something on a board or T-shirt, forming the letters with a few people, etc.), record it on video, and upload it to social media with the #uptofaith2017 hashtag between May 24-June 30, 2017!

Be part of the global flashmob UptoFaith that is dedicated to raising attention to FAMILIES!

Do you have more time? Join us to the global dance, do your own choreography or the UptoFaith choreography between May 24-June 30, 2017, record it on video and upload it on social media with the #uptofaith2017 hashtag as well!

UptoFaith 2017: Why again? Why now?

Today natural families face challenges that we must not ignore. With this year’s event we want to put natural families in the focus as they are the cornerstone of society.

Our purpose is to demonstrate the key importance of the natural family model and to convince politicians and world leaders to represent the natural values of traditional families.

Are YOU a supporter of the natural family model? Do you see the institution of marriage and family as something of great value? Do you look up to those who have and raise children? Do you believe that families sustain humanity and the nations? Then join the international movement called UptoFaith 2017!

About the first UptoFaith event.(Global Dance 2011)

On Easter Sunday 2011, we celebrated Christ’s resurrection with a grandiose dance joined by Christians from all over the world. This year we want to repeat the event but this time focusing on families.

How and with what can you join the action?
3 Ways to participate in UptoFaith 2017:

LISTEN TO THE new UptoFaith song BY TOMPAGE "Interstellar Family". 

1. Global Dance 2017

WHO can join?

  • Any group of friends, community, church can join if you agree with our Mission Statement
  • Your dance group can be as small as 5 people or can include thousands. 
  • The new 2017 choreography is very easy to learn.


  • Similar to the 2011 Dance we created a new choreography for the new UptoFaith song "Interstellar Family". 

  • You can choose to do just a certain part of the choreography or you can also dance the entire choreography with us from any part of the world during the time of The World Congress of Families conference to be held in Budapest (2017 May 24-28).
  • If you have more people involved, you can spell out the word FAMILY with people, or you can each write a letter on your shirts or on signs, or write it on the ground! Here is where your creativity comes in!

    The opportunities are endless! You can also make it special by wearing your country’s traditional clothing.

    You can do it in any way! You can stretch out a flag, use baseball caps, balloons, trampolines, lying on the ground, form the word from a crowd… and the list goes on.

  • You can also preform your own choreography to the Interstellar Family song!
  • If you participate as a team we ask that one of you, as an organiser and coordinator, register on our website.

  • We will send the music and the choreography videos to the local dance organiser who is also the contact person with the UptoFaith Team. 

How the 2017 Global Video will be made?

  • We plan to connect the word "FAMILY" to the Interstellar Family song in as many ways as possible through individual videos that you record.

  • Share your videos on your social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter), and use the hashtag #uptofaith2017. 

  • You can also send your video files to us. Technical details will be available soon.

2. Sign!

  • An easy way to participate is simply by holding a sign with the word FAMILY on it. The sign can be in your own language as well.
  • You can record yourselves in your garden, a park, in your church, at your workplace, but even better, before a landmark for example: Niagara Falls, or the Eiffel tower.
  • The “sign”, created in one of the many ways mentioned, can be shown by itself or as a part of a dance choreography.
  • Share your videos on your social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter), and use the hashtag #uptofaith2017.
  • You can also send your video files to us. Technical details will be available soon.

3. Your idea

  • We gladly welcome any other ideas! Are you an acrobat, animal trainer, skydiver, or a creative confectioner?Are you good at skateboarding, ice-skating, or surfing? Perhaps you have a thing for juggling or breakdancing? With all these and many more you can add new color to the dance performance.
  • Bring your talent!
  • We welcome you with open arms, no matter the extent to which you choose to participate.
  • Share your videos on your social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter), and use the hashtag #uptofaith2017.
  • You can also send your video files to us. Technical details will be available soon.

We need YOU to raise our voices together to support the noble cause of the family. We are looking forward to seeing your creative videos!